Kde koupit G FUEL v Německu?

G FUEL in Germany

Let's talk about G FUEL in Germany. Many of our customers have asked us about shipping to Germany, so we've decided to add this shipping option. Now, all our German friends can order their favorite G FUEL products, including G FUEL cans.

When you order from our store, you don't have to worry about import taxes or tolls since we are an EU-based company! Simply visit our site and explore all the G FUEL products we have in stock, which are available directly from our warehouse. Everything you see is ready to be shipped, and you can expect to receive your order within 3-4 business days. We strive to use the most reliable shipping companies while keeping shipping costs as low as possible.

But don't limit yourself to just G FUEL. We offer many other products, ranging from formula-based energy drinks such as Ghost Gaming and X-Gamer, to cans from The Witcher series made by Oshee. So don't forget to toss a coin to us and grab a few refreshing drinks with The Witcher series motifs.

Why to buy from Brainfuel?

We aim to minimize your wait time by having a warehouse in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic. This allows us to ship quickly and efficiently across Europe while keeping costs down. You are also protected by European laws regarding goods, and we have a 14-day return policy for unopened products. If you receive a damaged product due to shipping, we will investigate and refund you in full if the fault lies with us or the shipping company.

If you've ever tried to buy directly from G FUEL, you might have noticed the steep shipping prices. This is due to G FUEL's warehouse being located in NY. You can also expect delivery times ranging from 10-14 days. If your product gets damaged in the process, you'll have to call an American support line or email them, which can sometimes take weeks to be resolved, leaving you without your product and energy. Just take a look at this example order to Germany, where the shipping and taxes exceed the cost of one G FUEL tub.

What is G FUEL?

G FUEL is 100% clean, natural and healthier alternative to most energy drinks that contain sugar. While many energy drinks contain large amounts of unknown chemicals, the G FUEL you know what you're drinking because you mix the powder with your own water. For all formulas, great emphasis has been placed on quality and high customer demands for energy increase, attention and concentration, without the use of toxic chemicals and added sugar.

Energy complex

Coffeine is natural stimulator consumed all over the world. The primary benefit is cognitive stimulation - essentially giving your mind „kick off“, when you needs it most.

Full of vitamins

G FUEL formula contains a great and balanced amount of vitamins C + E + B12 + B6 , in great proportion. B vitamins help keep the blood and nervous system in great shape so you can administer 100% performance.


Unlike „competitors“, who rely on loads of sugar to give you a false sense of energy, G FUEL doesn't - which means zero sense of "finish".

Full of antioxidans

The right balance of antioxidants that work together with vitamin komplex and support healthy cell production.

100% FOCUS

A good selection of amino acids gives you a unique advantage. Except taurine zde najdete i například L-Tyrosin, which should boost energy, motivation, focus, mental clarity a celkovou quality of moods.

Advantageous packaging

When you buy a whole pack of G FUEL tubes you save time and money. Thanks to the simple packaging, you have at your disposal 40 - 50 portions delicious energy drink G FUEL.

How to prepare the drink

We recommend to fill the shaker to 400ml line (the sides of the shaker are marked with lines in ml and liquid ounces), which is the recommended amount of water per serving. Later you can also experiment with more or less watter, depending on how sweet you want your drink to taste. This is for G FUEL great, you can prepare it the way you like it best. Extra tip s to add ice to the shaker before stirring the drink.

The measuring cup in the tube is divided into two parts. The top conical part can be easily separated, as it is not part of a single dose and is used for easier pouring into a bottle with a narrow neck, for example when you are on the go and do not have G FUEL Shaker.

If you can't find the measuring cup, it is most likely buried completely underneath the tube. Just move the tube left and right until the measuring cup comes out.

Once you have poured the measuring cup into the shaker, make sure it is well screwed on and the top lid is properly closed. We recommend beverage mix well in quick up and down movements for at least 1 minute.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Contains caffeine. it is not recommended for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, people sensitive to caffeine or with high blood pressure and suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Do not combine with alcohol! The specified maximum dose must not be exceeded (max. 3 servings per day). Excessive use of caffeine may cause irritability, insomnia, heart palpitations. Not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet.